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    Hi Guys, it's me! Er, the only one who comes back and sometimes updates.. lol.

    Anyway, there's TWO BIG NEWS that will flip our tables. That's right, it's TWO. Unfortunately, the one-of-the-two news is kinda bad news. Soo, let's start the "BAD NEWS".


    Huhuhu.. that's right. At least you should have made it 15 Volumes... anyway, I'll be updating the Volume in Christmas, since yes, The 13th Volume will be released on December 25. (I hope 'tis will be a good ending! Like, Manami and Takanashi will become couples~)

    More details, it also has Limited Edition like Volume 9, and that Limited Ed has bundled with a calendar for 2015.. Cool. Well, I hope Takatsu will have a better manga after this, or else Working!! wi…

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