Takanashi Mother
Shizuka Takanashi
Japanese Name

Takanashi Shizuka




Female Female

Hair Color


Professional Status


Personal Status

Kazue Takanashi (Daughter)
Izumi Takanashi (Daughter)
Kozue Takanashi (Daughter)
Souta Takanashi (Son)
Nazuna Takanashi (Daughter)
Toru Minegishi (Son-in-law)

Anime Debut

Season 3 Ep 10

Japanese Voice

Ai Orikasa

Shizuka is the mother of the Takanashi siblings. She a politician and is hardly home. Other than Nazuna, the siblings hate meeting her, though all for different reasons. She is also the boss of Minegishi and Kikuno, and appears to be involved in some highly sensitive business, given the tasks her assistants have to perform.

Personality Edit

Shizuka is manipulative and extremely headstrong, and has a strong hate of lying. This hate is due to her position as a politician being surrounded by lies, but began when the Takanashi's father lied about not liking small things (similar to Souta's obsession) when she asked him out. She grew taller through sheer willpower because of this, and learnt later it was a lie.


She looks a lot like her second daughter, Izumi Takanashi.


  • The finale reveals that she used to be nice and completely harmless when she was a little girl.
Tiny Shizuka and Soutas Father

Shizuka and Souta's father

  • She was also even shorter than Popura when she first met her future husband, but used pure willpower to grow taller.

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