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Popura Taneshima Cover
Popura Taneshima

種島(たねしま) ぽぷら

Japanese Name

Poplar Taneshima




Female Female




140 cm


40 kg


July 27th

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status


Manga Debut

Volume 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Kana Asumi, Mai Kadowaki (drama CD)

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Popura Taneshima is a short, 17 year old, high school student who works at Wagnaria as a waitress. She is one of the main female character in the story, Working!!


She has huge breasts and looks like 12 year old girl (specially stated by Souta) with reddish brown hair and light brown eyes. Even though she is 17, she is small and short for her age.


She is energetic but gets easily frustrated when people think she's a middle schooler.







Love Life:Edit

Souta Takanashi: Takanashi is obsessed with cute things, and therefore, has a deep affection for Taneshima. Even though she is over 12 years old, Takanashi makes an exception for her because she is so small. However, Takanashi denies he has feelings for Taneshima, and thinks of her as a water fly, someone who can't defend themselves, so he must defend them himself. However, he is seen constantly throughout the series calling her cute and adorable, so he may actually have feelings for her after all. Taneshima highly admires Takanashi, but only when he is cross dressing. Taneshima believes Takanashi to be the perfect girl in which Taneshima can look up to whenever he's cross dressing as one. She even keeps multiple pictures of him cross dressing close so she can admire them. She has tried countless times to beg him to crossdress, but he'll never do it. She has even bought him a wig to try to pry him into cross dressing. Whenever she speaks of Takanashi cross-dressing, she always speaks in a way that she is talking about someone she loves deeply and wants to confess to. In fact, she even told Inami that she was going to "confess" to Takanashi, even though it was only to tell him that she liked him when he was a girl. Satou asked Taneshima if she was into girls, and that he hoped she wasn't since Yachiyo was already hard to deal with like that. Taneshima denied that she liked girls and said that she only admired Takanashi's girl form. However, after meeting Takanashi's family and discovering that they're all tall and have impressive figures, she dropped her admiration of Takanashi's girl form and asked permission to admire his sisters.


Kyouko Shirafuji: Kyouko is very protective of Taneshima, and has found it routine to protect her from bullies in the restaurant. Because she is the manager, Kyouko is allowed to use violence against the bullies, which usually causes them to never come back, keeping Taneshima safe.

Jun Satou: Satou is a close friend of Taneshima's, and he often helps her with things she can't do. However, Satou is in love with Yachiyo, so whenever he sees Yachiyo spending time with Kyouko, he becomes angry, and in turn, bullies Taneshima. Often by teasing her about her height, and messing with her "fluffy" hair by putting it in different hairstyles or just ruffling it.

Yachiyo Todoroki: Yachiyo, like Kyouko, often defends Taneshima when someone insults her height. This is normally Satou who she has to protect Taneshima against.

Souma Hiroomi: Taneshima and Souma are good friends, but Taneshima is sometimes scared of him because he knows her dark secret, and uses it to get her to do his work for him.

Inami Mahiru: Taneshima and Inami are very close friends, and often talk to each other to help Inami get over her androphobia. Taneshima also highly involves herself in Inami's love for Takanashi. She tries to push them together in any way that she can, and scolds Takanashi when he makes Inami feel bad. In episode 12, Taneshima made Takanashi promise to go out on a date with Inami as payment for making Taneshima feel bad.

Aoi Yamada: Because Taneshima can not see through Yamada's lies, she thinks that Yamada is a sweet and kind girl with a sad past. Also, because Taneshima is older than Yamada, she took this chance and made Yamada think of her as her "onee-san" (older sister) so she wouldn't be looked down upon by Yamada. However, Yamada already looked down on her and even patted her head. Taneshima was too oblivious to notice this.



  • Taneshima has super long, fluffy hair that Satou often styles for his enjoyment.
  • Taneshima's father is a public servant, and her mother is a house wife.
  • Taneshima goes to the same high school as Takanashi.
  • Taneshima wears fake glasses when she's studying to make herself look older and more serious.
  • Although she is small, it is revealed that Taneshima has a bigger breasts size than Inami.
  • Taneshima's secret is that she actually wears elevator shoes all the time to make herself seem taller. Souma uses this secret against her in order to get her to do all his work.
  • Taneshima's first name, Popura, is often mistaken for "Poplar." However, since there are no L's in the Japanese language, and all L's are pronounced with R's, her correct name would be Popura.
  • Taneshima's first name, Popura, is ironic because her parents named her that in hopes that she would grow as tall as a poplar tree. Unfortunately for her, she ended up being very short.
  • When Satou hears that Popura is quitting, he puts his frustration out on Maya. But to him, it's not the same as teasing Popura.
  • Popura was originally going to be the protagonist, but the focus was switched to Souta.
  • Popura's parents are shorter than her.

Lines (Quotes)Edit

  • Calling me small, you're so mean!
  • I'm not an elementary student!

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