Kazue Takanashi Cover
Kazue Takanashi

小鳥遊(たかなし) 一枝(かずえ)

Japanese Name

Takanashi Kazue




Female Female




178 cm


50 kg


April 23rd

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status


Personal Status

Toru Minegishi (Husband)
Shizuka Takanashi (Mother)
Izumi Takanashi (Sister)
Kozue Takanashi (Sister)
Souta Takanashi (Brother)
Nazuna Takanashi (Sister)



Manga Debut


Anime Debut

Episode 4

Japanese Voice

Ryoko Shiraishi, Mabuki Andou (drama CD)

Image Gallery

Kazue Takanashi is the oldest of the Takanashi siblings. A 31-year-old attorney who is divorced, but recently got remarried and wields a thick, heavy law book as her weapon, both figuratively and literally. She is bossy and intimidating around the family, but is very polite and gets along well with others.


She is tall and has big breasts which made Taneshima admire her for that. She has brown hair tied in a ponytail and has brown eyes. She always wears her glasses and her most noticeable feature is the beauty mark right under the left side of her lips.

She is clearly the girl version of her brother, Souta Takanashi


Kazue is the oldest sister of Souta and the tallest in the Takanashi family, much to Souta’s dismay. She is currently at the age of 31 and working as a lawyer. She is an expert in law and often uses it to her benefit her argument in combination with violence and wordplay. She is very serious at times and often ignores Souta’s viewpoint.

She is easily annoyed and does not get along with Izumi and Kozue very well but spoils Nazuna. She always scolds them for what they are doing to their selves, especially abusing their bodies, with Kozue as a drunkard and Izumi as a tardy writer which makes her body very weak because she cares for them and she want to do something for them.

It is stated that she is a “divorced and returned back” which always offended her whenever Izumi mentions it in any way and always pulls her hair when she did so. Despite that, she cares for her and just wants her to take responsibility of her own. Back when Izumi went missing, she said to Souta to do not worry about her and she will come back once the change of scenery but in fact, she is worried and quiveringly asked to him the number for 110 (the number for the police in Japan).

She was formerly married to Toru Minegishi, but divorced him after his masochistic tendencies caused him to get her angry too many times. She has since reconciled with him however, after his dramatic begging at her workplace.


  • All the Takanashi siblings, except for Izumi, sport brown hair but different tones.

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