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Air Date

May 29, 2010



Opening Song

Someone Else

Ending Song

Golden Day

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 Takanashi, Work is the 9th Episode of the Working!! anime. It is first aired on May 29, 2010.


Inami's father heard from her mother that she received a gift on White Day from a boy, but Inami tried to hide this by saying she received the gift from a girl. Inami's father is coming to Wagnaria to confirm whether this is true, so Inami asks Sōta to cross-dress for the day to fool her father. While he initially vehemently refuses, the other employees get him to chance his mind and he goes along with it, going under the identity of Kotori.

Inami brainwash

Inami's daddy telling a cruel story about man to her.

When Inami's father finally arrives, Sōta starts a conversation with him, and finds out that he actually indoctrinated Inami over a period of ten years using films, TV and books to make her fear men, as well as placing a weight in her bag to make her muscles stronger. Aoi, Popura, and Inami are overhearing their conversation with a radio and concealed microhone in the Kotori uniform. Sōta angrily lectures him about his parentage and tells him to go home and later apologize to his daughter. Inami realizes she is in love with Sōta after watching this performance.

Adapted FromEdit

Kotori Chan Cover



references to previous episodes


  • The first commercial break image was Kotori's accessories.
  • The ending song for this episode is different, it's Golden Day.

New CharactersEdit

  • Inami's Father

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

!) Will Inami's father apologize to her?

Yes, in next episode her daddy sent her an apologize message.


Your daughter is not your possesion toy

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