Otoo Comes Back After a While, and the New Worker = Yamada (!?)



Wagunaria he Youkoso♪ Takanashi, Hataraku


Otoo Comes Back After a While, and the New Worker = Yamada
Hisashiburi no Otoo to, Atarashii Baito = Yamada

Air Date

May 15, 2010



Opening Song

Someone Else

Ending Song

Go to Heart Edge

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Otoo Comes Back After a While, and the New Worker = Yamada (!?) is the 7th Episode of the Working!! anime. It is first aired on May 15, 2010.


Otoo brings back a mysterious girl who says her name is Aoi Yamada and is 16 years old, the same age as Souta. Although Popura and Inami accepts Yamada as a new member of Wagnaria, Souta has his reservations. Yamada constantly exhibits clumsiness and a lack of common sense, and as a result Souta and Satou take an immediate disliking to her. Souma get trouble after defeated by Yamada after she cries. Yachiyo befriends Yamada, whom she takes to be a mother-figure, while Otoo is her father-figure. Yamada tells Yachiyo that Satou has feelings for her, which later culminates in a disastrous confession by Satou and a denial by Yachiyo. Popura gets the two of them together the next day, and Satou decides to tell her a subtle white lie to calm Yachiyo down.


New CharactersEdit

  1. Aoi Yamada

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What is the true Yamada goal and reason to live in Wagnaria


"This is the first time i lose to other people"

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