Yamada, Ya-mada!

山田, やーまだ


Yamada, Yāmada

Air Date

August 8, 2015



Opening Song

Now!!! Gamble

Ending Song

Matsuge ni Lock

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Episode 5 (Season 3)
Episode 7 (Season 3)
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Yamada, Ya-mada (山田, やーまだ Yamada, Yāmada? ) is the 6th Episode of the Working!!! anime. It is first aired on August 8, 2015.


As Souta feels conflicted over his feelings towards Inami, Aoi, wanting Souma to give her some attention, tries to obtain information on the blossoming relationships.

Later, Popura gets a toothache and takes the day off, having a dream where she becomes a magical girl. Meanwhile, Kirio ends up discovering Aoi, who is revealed to be the sister he was searching for, and is met with resistance when he tries to take her back home.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Souta Takanashi
  2. Mahiru Inami
  3. Popura Taneshima
  4. Aoi Yamada
  5. Hiroomi Souma
  6. Kirio Yamada

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