Super Bag in the Heart



Sūpā Baggu in za Hāto

Air Date

August 1, 2015



Opening Song

Now!!! Gamble

Ending Song

Matsuge ni Lock

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Episode 4 (Season 3)
Episode 6 (Season 3)
List of Working !! Episodes

Super Bag in the Heart (スーパーバッグ・イン・ザ・ハート Sūpā Baggu in za Hāto? ) is the 5th Episode of the Working!!! anime. It is first aired on August 1, 2015.


While Souta remains stressed over the other day's events, Izumi, assuming he had broken up with Popura, tries to set Souta and Inamin up with each other, unaware of the actual circumstances between them. As a result, Mahiru meets up with Souta while wearing a paper bag on the head, bearing her feelings in front of the "stranger" before her until Souta unmasks her. As things soon start falling into place for him, Souta starts to get heated up over the thought of Mahiru being in love with him.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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