Farewell, Popura



Sayonara Popura


Good Bye, Popura
Sayonara Popura

Air Date

December 24, 2011



Opening Song

Coolish Walk

Ending Song

Always Love & Peace!!

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Farewell, Popura is the 13th Episode of the Working'!! anime. It is first aired on December 24, 2011.

While Popura is pleased to finally reach the report sheet. Souta is horrified by the thought of her growing taller, which affect the whole restaurant staff. Satou seems not happy about this too, they were arguing each other. Then, those two checking the damage report by asking Kyouko if she lowered the list and Aoi said that it's perfectly at the same height as before because she often breaking stuff. In kitchen, While Souta and Satou still arguing about her, Souma gave them a Popura photo at back then as a "refresher".

Damage report

Taneshima broke a plate.

While Popura talking about the future with Aoi, she said that entrance exam is coming. So it's time for her to focus on her education future, even quit from her job if she had to. Aoi ends up turning a statement from Popura that she might have to leave Wagnaria some time in the future to a rumour that she is actually quitting, which she spreads to the other staff members. As the staff have their concerns over this, much to the annoyance of Maya. When tidying up the garbage, he met Kirio that just kicked by Souta when he's talking to Inami. Kirio and Popura had a little conversation, Popura told him about her entrance exam. When she came back, Popura is confused by their weird reactions to her.

At kitchen, Satou wrappped Maya's hair with a cucumber while she putting down plates. She realized that she's Satou dumping target. Suddenly, Souma persuade Maya that a normal co-worker always helped her work buddy. Meanwhile, Popura ask every Wagnaria staff about high school. After hearing lots of confusing advice, Otoo told her that workplace is a secondary priority for a student. Popura become even more depressed. She met Maya at the outside restaurant. After Maya helped Popura with her worries, Popura went to inside and searching for everyone. Meanwhile, Aoi, Satou, Yachiyo, Souma, Souta, and Inami are grouping together at the break room. Popura decides to not to quit the job, if her grade went down, then she will work for fewer hour and vice-versa; just like what Maya says.


At the end episode 25, Popura trying to reach the damage report and she did it.


  • This is the second episode, which Maya has some dialogue scene. Just like before (episode 13), she did it at the end of anime season.
  • Aoi never wrote the reason for the damage she has done.

Education lifeEdit

  • Aoi fails in school so that's one of her reason to leave her home.
  • It's revealed that Souma enter the college with "back door" procedure. It could be bribing, collusion, or else.
  • Yahiyo became "lazy" after entering hogh school.


  • A mere score doesn't measure a person's worth
  • It feels great after performing a mitzvah