Daisy death
Daisy Dies



Deijī Shisu

Air Date

December 17, 2011



Opening Song

Coolish Walk

Ending Song

Always Love & Peace!!

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Daisy Dies is the 12th Episode of the Working'!! anime. It is first aired on December 17, 2011.

Popura and Aoi try to help Inami train to cure her androphobia by dressing her up as a guy, but with no such luck. Aoi denies Inami's record because the progress is nothing without sacrifice. Aoi means that Inami needs to get close with maleinstead of avoiding them. Later, Sōta and Mahiru start exchanging text messages, which causes Izumi to worry. Sōta also runs into Kirio, who manages to deduce that Inami has feelings for him. Later one night, Aoi gets locked out of the restaurant, but Satō manages to sort things out for her. Later, Popura and Aoi try to help out Inami's progress by exposing her to the other men. They tried to do it with Jun, but he avoiding it by calling Souma. Inami nearly end up punching Souma if Jun didn't throw Daisy. Meanwhile, Popura becomes elated when she is finally able to reach the broken items report sheet that was normally out of her reach.