It's Resolve, Is That a Problem?



Ketsui Desu ga, Nani ka?

Air Date

December 10, 2011



Opening Song

Coolish Walk

Ending Song

Always Love & Peace!!

Episode Guide
Episode 10 (Season 2)
Episode 12 (Season 2)
List of Working !! Episodes

It's Resolve, Is That a Problem? is the 11th Episode of the Working'!! anime. It is first aired on December 10, 2011.

Aoi searches for her teddy bear, Daisy, only to find that Satou had just put it in her room. Annoyed by over-protective behavior of Mitsuki towards Yachiyo, Satou talk face to face with Mitsuki. In the middle conversation, she asks him if he likes Yachiyo. Later, Yachiyo overhears a conversation between Satou and Mitsuki and assumes the two are going out with each other. As Satō notices Yachiyo's weird behaviour, he takes some advice from Popura to put some pressure on himself to sort things out with Yachiyo.

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