Episode 1 Title Name
Part-Time Jobs Can Change Lives



Arubaito wa Jinsei o Kaete Kureru

Air Date

October 1, 2016



Opening Song


Ending Song

Eyecatch! Too Much!

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Part-Time Jobs Can Change Lives (アルバイトは人生を変えてくれる Arubaito wa Jinsei o Kaete Kureru) is the 1st Episode of the WWW.Working!! anime. It is first aired on October 1, 2016.


High school student Daisuke Higashida reluctantly takes up a part-time job at Wagnaria after his allowance is cut off due to his father's company going bankrupt. Daisuke begins training under floor chief Hana Miyakoshi, who is rather harsh towards dimwitted manager Kenichirou Sakaki, also meeting the other staff members; Sayuri Muranushi, Kisaki Kondou, Shiho Kamakura, Masahiro Adachi, Takuya Kouno, and Yuuta Shindou, each with their own unique quirks. Later, Daisuke becomes irritated when his family come to the restaurant before being chosen to eat Hana's Valentine's Day chocolate, which doesn't have the best reputation.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

  1. Daisuke Higashida
  2. Hana Miyakoshi
  3. Kenichirou Sakaki
  4. Sayuri Muranushi
  5. Kisaki Kondou
  6. Shiho Kamakura
  7. Masahiro Adachi
  8. Takuya Kouno
  9. Yuuta Shindou
  10. Kousaku Higashida
  11. Sachiko Higashida
  12. Sakiko Higashida
  13. Saint Valentine

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