Manhole spiral
Manhole Spiral



Manhōru Supairaru

Air Date

October 22, 2011



Opening Song

Coolish Walk

Ending Song

Always Love & Peace!!

Episode Guide
Episode 3 (Season 2)
Episode 5 (Season 2)
List of Working !! Episodes

Manhole Spiral is the 4th Episode of the Working'!! anime. It is first aired on October 22, 2011.

Kyouko keeps draining restaurant's supply, this makes Satou upset and told her to buy the ingredient by herself. Yachiyo quickly offers to go shopping with her. While out shopping for some more cream, Kyouko and Yachiyo end up meeting Hyougo's long lost wife, Haruna. As Yachiyo debates whether to tell Kyouko about her, she disappears again. As Yachiyo feels guilty about it, Inami learns about Satō's one-sided crush on Yachiyo and starts feeling sorry for him, leading Souta to believe she has a crush on Satou. With some support from Satou, Yachiyo apologises to Otoo after he returns and cheers up.


New CharacterEdit

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