Lord of the Takanashi



Rōdo obu za Takanashi

Air Date

December 26, 2015



Opening Song

Now!!! Gamble

Ending Song

Someone Else (Full Version)

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Episode 13 (Season 3)
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Lord of the Takanashi (ロード・オブ・ザ・小鳥遊 Rōdo obu za Takanashi? ) is the 14th and final episode of the Working!!! anime. It is first aired on December 26, 2015.


As Sōta stops showing up at work, Kyōko learns that he has been spending a lot more time crossdressing because of his mother. Worried she is the cause of her problem, Mahiru confronts Sōta and tells him how she thinks of her, but Shizuka catches him and forces him to quit working at Wagnaria.

Learning from Kyōko that Shizuka is having Sōta crossdress until he learns to be honest about his feelings, Mahiru heads off to talk with Shizuka, having to confront each of the Takanashi sisters along the way.

As Mahiru confronts Shizuka with help from Nazuna, Popura shows up and convinces Shizuka to let Sōta keep working. Afterwards, Shizuka returns to her work while Sōta and Mahiru finally confess to each other.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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