Working Girl?



Wākingu Gāru?

Air Date

September 19, 2015



Opening Song

Now!!! Gamble

Ending Song

Matsuge ni Lock

Episode Guide
Episode 11 (Season 3)
Episode 13 (Season 3)
List of Working !! Episodes

Working Girl? (ワーキング・ガール? Wākingu Gāru?? ) is the 12th episode of the Working!!! anime. It is first aired on September 19, 2015.


Still dressed as Kotori, Sōta gets some surprisingly sound love advice from Kirio, who instantly sees through his disguise. Meanwhile, Sōta and Jun become curious about how Hiroomi hasn't been snooping into people's businesses lately, only to find he has simply been more secretive about it.

Later, Yachiyo tells Popura that she plans to quit Wagnaria to expand her horizons, assigning her as the next chief. After being told by Popura to confront his problem, Sōta asks Mahiru about which form he prefers, ultimately deciding to stop crossdressing and ask her out on a date.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

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