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Chapter 2
Translated Title

Treasure 2

English Title

Treasure 2

Volume #1

Welcome Takanashi arc

Japanese Release

November 2005 (Together with Chapters 1, 3-23)

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Treasure 2 is the 2nd Chapter of Karino Takatsu's Working!!.

Souta Takanashiakanashi had said something about Kyouko Shirafuji's age that made her mad. Now, he is suffering from 7 times a week in work or everyday in the Restaurant. In the end, Takanashi is sorry to complement Shirafuji's age, though, he said she's a brat kid.


Working BoyEdit

Day comes and Takanashi comes in the restaurant again, looking hagard. Popura Taneshima asks him if he works again, and he said he'd word everyday (probably until he die). Takanashi later on asks Shirafuji about shifts, Shirafuji immediately replied that if he want to work more and be a floor chief too.

The Origin of IrritationEdit

Shirafuji then said to Takanashi to work like there's no tomorrow because "he's young". She left, Taneshima comes as Takanashi thinking what did he do that made her mad.

Your Own RuleEdit

Takanashi now thinkting deeply of what he did, which he remembers he complemented on Shirafuji's age. Taneshima turns unto Takanashi and said that why she's mad, but he said age keeps growing and growing, like 12 going 28.

Real IntentionEdit

Takanashi was relieved to Taneshima that she is okay since she is 12, but she opposed that it's not it, but he should not say those things to a girl because older women are very delicate to it. Takanashi now realizes he should apologize and said that she is 'only' a middle age woman.


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