Chapter 11
Volume #1

Welcome Takanashi arc

Japanese Release

November 2005 (Together with Chapters 1-9, 11-23)

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Spring: Takanashi and Taneshima talk about how it is finally spring. Taneshima brings up how the warm is better than cold as an up side of spring while Takanashi brings up that he likes spring because children, puppies, kittens, and bugs all come out in the spring.

A Normal Girl: Todoroki gets scared of a bug and asks Satou to get rid of it. Satou asks why to get the response from Todoroki that any normal girl is scared bugs which Satou replies that Todoroki is no normal girl because of the katana she is holding.

A Normal Girl?: Todoroki coninues to ask Satou to get rid of the bug when suddenly Kyouko comes in hearing Todoroki being scared of a bug and just smacks it like it was nothing. Satou then replies with that it is kind of weird if Kyouko wasn't scared at all by the bug.

The Instance of Attack: Inami asks Kyouko if there was anything wrong with Yachiyo while Yachiyo was heading off towards break. Kyouko replies that it was just a bug and she squashed it to then have Takanashi come in to hear that and became disheartened.

Takanashi's Problem: Kyouko notices Takanashi and asks what is wrong. Taneshima comes in and replies for Takanashi that he is probably angry with Kyouko for squashing the bug.

All Small Things Are Equal: Takanashi then explains that killing the bug was the same thing as killing Taneshima because Takanahi says that all small things are equal.

Precious Life: Takanashi then says that all small things are equal and Kyouko should apologize to Taneshima which Kyouko does.

Kyouko's Speech: After Kyouko's apology Taneshima replies that she should apologize to Takanashi instead of her but Kyouko doesn't see the reason to apologize to Takanashi.

Bug Level: Inami then comes in and says to Takanashi that he should apologize to Taneshima for treating her like a bug. Takanashi then replies that Inami is lower than bug level. Inami then punches Takanashi making him unconscious.

Bribed: Takanashi wakes up from being knocked out to reply that he was caught in the heat of the moment. Kyouko doesn't plan to apologize but bribes Takanashi with the kid's meal toy which works.

Quarrels Among Friends: Taneshima asks Takanashi to not compare her to a bug for in which Takanashi says that Taneshima is a lot cuter than a bug.