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Chapter 1
Translated Title

Treasure 1

English Title

Treasure 1

Volume #1

Welcome Takanashi arc

Japanese Release

November 2005 (Together with Chapters 2-23)

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Treasure 1 is the 1st Chapter of Karino Takatsu's Working!!.

Some place in Northern Japan lies a Family Restaurant called Wagnaria. Souta Takanashi employs at the restaurant, and meets Popura Taneshima who invited him to work in Wagnaria with Kyouko Shirafuji whose the manager or it.


Taneshima and Takanashi is talking about the first volume of Working!!, while Jun Satou (who was not introduced in the Chapter) is in the background.

Satou Works

Satou is working.

The next panel shows Taneshima saying that it's called Working, but none of them are doing it. Takanashi then replied that it's just the title, that is nothing implied with it. Later then, Satou comes close to them madly while holding Taneshima's hair and said he is working, that made Takanashi say sorry.


Takanashi Introducing

Takanashi introducing himself.

Takanashi SoutaEdit

First, the Wagaria Restaurant appear, then Souta's appearance is seen, introducing his name, then begun saying details of himself and then saying his nicknames and made Shirafuji said enough about his name.

Taneshima PopuraEdit

Taneshima is introducing herself, telling her first name, Poplar (Popura in Japanese is Poplar) is named after the Poplar tree so she can grow big. In the end, Taneshima calls Takanashi, Katanashi.

Shirafuji Introduces

Shirafuji also introduces.

Shirafuji KyoukoEdit

Shirafuji begun introducing herself this time, saying don't ask her about work. Takanashi asked her if they will suppose to figure it out by themselves, and she said no, adding she doesn't really work at all (raising the hand of Taneshima, telling ask her).

Foul PlayEdit

Taneshima is thanking 'Katanashi' that he accepted the job offer in the restaurant which made Takanashi says that was sleazy.

Cute Katanashi

Takanashi attractedly confused.

Let's do our best!Edit

Taneshima is happy that when they met, he had the good feeling and then saying they should do their best. This confuses Takanashi when Taneshima said Katanashi again, and told her, his name is Takanashi. This time, Taneshima is confused, but ended up saying Katanashi. Finally, Takanashi said that just froget it.

I'm 17 (Part 1)Edit

While Takanashi is drying off plates, Taneshima comes saying his story of the guest told him is she in middle school. Takanashi begun opposing, saying she is in elementary school.

Takanashi fooling around

"When you get to High School"

I'm 17 (Part 2)Edit

Taneshima begun being jealous of all the tall adults coming in. She faced unto Takanashi, asking she'll grow big. Takanashi replied that of course she would... if she can get to High School. Taneshima told him that she's already in high school, but Takanashi wanted her to stay like that.

More serious than anyoneEdit

Takanashi is called by Shirafuji to tell that he should stop showing much affection to Taneshima. This makes Takanashi oppose, saying it's a misunderstanding that it's not like he favorites her, but to show his father figure to Taneshima.

The Love Doesn't StopEdit

Takanashi in Favor of Sea Monkeys

Takanashi loves Sea Monkeys.

Takanashi says if Shirafuji thinks him of Pedophile, which she agrees. Takanashi defends that it's not; he just likes cute little children, kittens, puppies, hamsters and even sea monkeys.

Level of LoveEdit

Takanashi added that he just like things that are soft and need support. Now to make things clear, he now proposes Taneshima is the same level of a sea monkey. Shirafuji says he is rotten, which he added that you can't go out with a sea monkey.

Shirafuji Pissed Off

Shirafuji pissed off.


Saying Too MuchEdit

Takanashi asks how many employees do they have in the resturant, but Shirafuji replied her age, which he said is it about her age. This made Shirafuji pissed off, and made Takanashi 7 times a week work (Takanashi agrues he's still young).

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Souta Takanashi
  2. Jun Satou
  3. Popura Taneshima
  4. Kyouko Shirafuji


List of Items and Equipments UsedEdit

  • Water Jug
  • Glass
  • Menu List
  • Plate
  • Dishcloth